These list of herbs-spices are among the oldest medicines. The practice of herbal medicine dates back to the very earliest period of human history. There is evidence of herbs-spices having been used in the treatment of diseases in almost all ancient civilizations. They are very important in heeling the allergies, raising and renewing the body vitality, boosting the immune system and increase the body resistance to infections.

The active constituent of the herb can enter the body in several ways. These include consuming the herbs-spices orally so as to absorbed by the digestive system, applications on skin through medicinal poultices as well as cosmetics for being absorbed in the body through the pores; smelling the aroma through nose to enable the essential oil being absorbed in the bloodstream.

Finally, a word of caution. While most herbs have no harmful side effects, some  may cause slightly undesirable reactions in some persons. Therefore work with the healthcare professional to use in therapeutic doses. In dietary consumption use one herb-spice at a time in small doses and wait and watch for side effects. If there are none, increase the use and dosage.

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Here is the list of herbs-spices and their uses to treat day to day illnesses.


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