Homeopathy Remedies

Here are some of the Important Homeopathy remedies with their characteristic.

In Homeopathy remedies the names of the diseases do not matter; it is the symptoms of the diseases that are to be tallied with the symptoms of the drugs.

The drug which has symptoms closest to the symp­toms of the disease is likely to cure it best.

In patients you will find that some symptoms are peculiar and therefore rather important.

For example, a patient has fever, and fever is a common symptom in many cases, but with fever he has unquenchable thirst for small quantities of water, i.e., he drinks only a little but demands again after a few minutes. This is a peculiar and therefore important symptom of the patient, which is not found in all cases of fever.

This symptom will not be found in all the medicines. These symptoms are called the characteristics of that particular medicine and if these characteristics symptoms tally, the homeopathy medicine will surely relieve the patient, whatever the name of the disease.

We are here giving the characteristic symptoms of some important homeopathy remedies. When prescribing a remedies for a patient these symptoms should be kept in mind.

For example, if a patient is thirst less he will not require ARSENIC which is thirsty. It is the same for other cases.

Homeopathy Remedies and their Characteristics:


Terrible anguish and fear of death, the patient predicts the date of his death, there is extreme restlessness and tossing about.

Complaints brought about by exposure to dry cold winds or from a sudden checking of perspiration. Hard, full, fast pulse. The disease get worse in the evening and night, the attack is sudden and violent.

Antim Tart

Large accumulation of mucus in chest, oppresion of chest, rattling, wheezing. Difficult raising of phlegm, vomiting and drowsiness. Eruptions, pustrules resembling those of small pox.

Antim curd

Thick milky white coating on the tongue. Fretful, peevish disposition, child cannot bear to be touched or even being looked at. Worse on bathing and in heat. Hard warts. Vomits soon after eating or drinking.

Arsenic Album

Periodicity in disease. Fever etc. at a particular time. Weakness and prostration after slightest exertion. Malignity of symptoms. Restlessness and anguish.

Burning all over the body.Pains get worse while resting at night and with cold. Unquenchable thirst for small quantities of water at short intervals.


A bruised sore feeling all over the body, the patient feels as if he has been pounded. Useful in injuries.


Drowsiness. Oedematous swelling. Thirstlessness. Intolerance of heat. Stinging pains . Aggravation in the afternoon. Bruised sensations.


Specific for typhoid fevers. Septic conditions of blood. Great muscular soreness. Offensive breath, stool, urine, sweat.

Baryta Carb

Bashful, childish aversion to strangers. Tendency to catch cold easily. Tonsillitis,, Mentally and physically backward.


Pains gradually increase, suddenly decline and appear elsewhere. Painful shots that get sore on gentle pressure, yet firm pressure is tolerated.

Hot, red skin, flushed face, full, hard pulse, throbbing carotids, delirium and hyperaesthesia (excessive sensitiveness) of the senses.

Great dilation of the pupils, photo-phobia and infected eyes. It affects mostly the right side of the body.


Apathy. Relief from rest, aggravation from motion. Sharp, stitching pains. Warmth gives relief in all conditions except headache and eye symptoms. Pressure or lying on the painful side gives relief.

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