Homeopathy Constipation

Constipation is a common complaint. Purgatives should not be taken. Though they relieve for the time being, they do not cure the tendency of constipation.

Moreover, when liquid stools are passed with their use, many vitamins also pass out and the patient becomes weak. According to the nature of constipation the following medicines may be used.

In Homeopathy for constipation you can give any of these medicines according to the symptoms.The remedies Changes when symptoms of the disease changes.

Following are some of the homeopathy remedies for Constipation-

Nux Vom

When the patient has to go twice or thrice in the morning to toilet as the stool is not cleared, one dose of 30 may be taken while going to bed for a few days.


When there is no urging for stools, stools are dry and difficult, and there is much thirst.


When there is dryness in intestines, no urging for days until there is a great accumulation. Small balls like stools, evacuation difficult, one has to exert.


No stools for days but the patient does not feel any uneasiness. It would seem that the intestines have stopped functioning. Round, hard, blackballs.


Chief remedy tor chronic constipation. There is urging but stools pass with difficulty. Hard, lumpy, black stools. 
NATRUM MUR, GRAPHITES, MAGNESIA MUR and CAUSTICUM should also be considered.

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