Eczema Homeopathy

In Eczema homeopathy is the best remedy to give.

Eczema can effect any part of the body, but quite often it attacks the back of the ear, external ear or even internal ear.

There is severe itching and oozing of sticky fluid and sometimes pus is formed.

Some of the homeopathy remedies to give in eczema according to the symptoms - Graphites: Head remedy, useful both in dry and wet eczema. Use when skin becomes thick.

Most chronic cases have been cured by a few doses of 200 or 1000 given at long intervals.


For old cases. When there are ulcers, offen­sive pus, intense itching, use 200 or 1000 infrequently.

Rhus Ven and Rhus Tox:

When there is intense itching, with vesicular eruptions. Formation of scales. 200 or 1000 at long intervals.One of the best Homeopathy remedy to eczema.

Cicuta V:

For eczema of hairy parts, specially chin. For itchless eczema, which dries into hard crusts.


For eczema of face, genitals, scrotum, when there is much itching.


When it is wet on scalp, pus turns into hard crusts, on itching pus or fluid oozes out.

Kail Mur:

For all sorts of eczema in which whitish scaly crusts are formed. When eczema is due to after effects of vaccination, in ladies due to scanty menses amenorrhoea, on the face and head of children.

Hepar. S :

When it is specially on scrotum, gets worse with cold. Pus.


When the eczema is on the back of the hands, wet in the bends of the knees, gets worse on full moon.


200, 1000 once a month or so in chronic-obstinate cases. Thick skin, black colour. Use when well selected remedies fail.


When there is intense burning and itching, red orifices, offensive odor from body.


When it is dry, scaly, on the scalp and face, crusts over scalp, thin, foetid, excoriating discharge.


When it is dry, scaly, appearing in winter on hands and behind the ears.

Mezerium, Ars, Thuja, Clematis, Agaricus, Antim Crud should also be studied. 

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