Natural Home Remedies for Gastroenteritis, Colic and Cramps

Natural home remedies for Colic and Cramps

Colic and cramps is a acute pain,a feeling of discomfort in the abdomen which creates great distress caused by an accumulation of gas in large intestine, A result of poor digestion, fermentation etc.

Pain in stomach also arise due to serious illness such as gastroenteritis, Tonsillitis, urinary disorders, appendicitis, Ulcer, Kidney or gallbladder stones.

For pains that point to a mere serious illness, It would be best to consult medical practitioner.


1. Have a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice with a teaspoon of fresh lime juice and a pinch of rock salt and a little sugar. It can also be taken with a little warm water.

2. A tablespoon of fresh radish juice mixed with equal amount of fresh lime juice, diluted with little water is also another effective remedy for colic and cramps.The practice of eating radish flavored with lime juice as a salad is probably because of its digestive properties.

3. Spearmint leaves crushed 1 Tbs, Water 2 Cups combined the spearmint leaves and the water and raise the mixture to a boil in a covered container. Remove from the heat and let the tea stand for 15 minutes strain the decoction before drinking dosage 1-2 cups of a day.

4. Cardomom Fennel Mint Tea - Cardomom powder 1 g, Fennel seeds powder 1 g and Mint leaves ground 1 g Water

Boil the herb mixture in 2 cups of water in a covered pan for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and Allow it to stand for 15 minutes before straining.

Dosage : ½ cup , twice a day

5. Corriander Ginger Tea- Corriander powder ½ tsb Ginger powder ½ tsb Boiling water

Combine equal parts of the powdered herbs to make 1 teaspoon of herb mixture. Pour boiling water over it, cover and allow the tea to infuse for 5 – 10 minutes. Strain and tea is ready.

Dosage : 1 cup twice a day ( its very good for children) 

Natural home remedies for Gastroentritis

Gastroenteritis is a medical name for food poisoning.In gastroentritis the lining of the stomach and intestines become inflammed,the symptoms include vomitting,diarrhea,abdominal cramps,temperature and perspiration.

1) Stop solid foods for 24 hours. Replace the fluids and slowly introduce soft digestable meals.

2) Green cardamon seeds powdered 11gm Corriander seeds powdered 60gm, Water 3cups Combine all the ingredients. Cover the pan and bring to simmer, continue cooking till the water is reduced to 1/2 cups.Strain and drink.Preparation time 35 minutes.

Adults- 3 to 4 tablespoon,3times a day Children-3/4-3tablespoon,3times a day

3) Slice a tender, just ready to eat plantain,spinkle rock salt on it for taste and smear half a tablespoon of tamarind pulp on it, Mix and have it twice a day.

4) A teaspoon of the juice of fresh drumstick leaves, taken with fresh tender coconut water, replenishes fluids, vitamin-C and electrolytes.

5) Remedies all listed in diarrhea will all come in handy here.

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