11 Effective Earache Home Remedies 

Earache home remedies can be used for treating pain caused by any of these below mentioned problems but first lets know what are causes for the earache.

One of the organs which makes us aware of our special world is the ears. The ears are responsible for hearing and sense of balance- they prevent us from falling over. The hearing apparatus consists of three major parts-external ear, middle ear and inner ear. Neglect of minor ear problems can lead to disastrous results.

An earache can be excruciatingly painful. As the ear, nose and throat are all inter-connected, the pain can also spread to these areas and cause much distress.

causes and symptoms of earache

  • Earache caused by cold

Earache is usually caused by a cold getting out of hand. The ear, nose and throat are intimately connected. Any infection in one area tends to affect the other two to a lesser or greater degree. This is especially so in children. Pain can also occur if one has used a pin or matchstick to clean the ears. An erupting wisdom tooth or a toothache can also cause pain in the ear.

  • Earache due to excessive wax

Nature has its way of looking after our ears. There are small glands in the ear canal that produce wax. This wax entraps dust and foreign bodies, so as to leave a clear passage for the sound waves. The movements of the jaw while eating extrude the wax without our even being aware of it. Normally, cleaning the ears while bathing suffices to maintain a normal amount of wax.

However, sometimes there is an excessive secretion, and the wax blocks the opening of the external ear canal, causing either pain or a ringing sensation in the ear, or even the sensation of not being able to hear well.

Build-up of stick mucus is quite common in young children, the possible link has been discovered with bottle feeding. When a child is breast fed, the action of sucking, exercise a muscle that helps to open the Eustachian tube, which connect middle ear to the back of the throat and drain away the fluid. In bottle feeding the teat does not reach far into the mouth, and muscle is not exercised the same way.

  • Discharge from the ear

Discharge from the ear is the result of an infection and can be most troublesome. It must never be neglected. Any infection of the middle ear will first cause pain in the ear, and if untreated, lead to discharge from the ear. This is called otitis media. The discharge is usually pus-like but may even be bloodstained and foul-smelling. Once the discharge occurs, the pain decreases.

  • Foreign Body in the ear

Sometimes an insect gets into the ear and it is difficult to remove it. A few drops of onion juice or warm mustard oil should be instilled in the ear, and a second later the head should be tilted to the affected side. The insect and the oil will come out.

Earache home remedies

There are some of the effective home remedies for treating the ear ache.

1. Diet for earache

A well balanced diet consisting of wholegrains, vegetables and fresh fruits may be taken. Foods rich in vitamin A and thiamine, helps in repairing the damaged cell tissue in the ear and also strengthen the auditory nerve. 

White flour. sugar, pickles should be avoided, along with milk and dairy products as they increases the phlegm, which can increase the blockage in the ear.

2. steam Inhalation

Steam inhalations clear all the respiratory passages (ear/ nose/ throat). Few drop of eucalyptus essential oil should be added to water when inhaled is particularly beneficial.

3. Garlic

The use of garlic is found beneficial in the treatment of earache. Three cloves should be warmed and mashed with a pinch of salt. this mixture should be wrapped in the piece of woollen cloth and placed on the painful ear. 

Two or 3 cloves of garlic should be chewed daily for few days due to its antibiotic and pain relieving properties. 

Garlic oil is also beneficial during earache, few drops of oil should be put in the ear to give immediate relief.

4. cloves

Another earache home remedy is the use of clove. A clove should be sauted in a teaspoon of sesame oil, and 3 to 5 drops of this warm oil should be put into the affected ear 2 or 3 times daily. 

5. Marigold

The leaves of this flower are another effective home remedy for earache. These flower leaves are warmed and the lukewarm juice of these leaves should be extracted. Two or three drops of this juice can be put in effective ear.

6. Holy basil

The leaves of holy basil is considered beneficial in the treatment of ear ache. One or two drops of holy basil-leaf juice in the ear helps in relieving the pain and earache. This is one of the very effective earache home remedies.

7. bishop weed/ Carom seeds

This herb is beneficial for the earache. About half a teaspoon of the seeds is heated in 30 ml of  olive or sesame oil, till the essence of the seeds permeated the oil. The oil is then filtered and used as an ear-drops. Two or three drops put twice daily will decrease congestion and relieve pain. 

8. olive oil

To remove impacted wax, put warm olive into the ear, which will not solidify on cooling. Do this for 2-3 nights. The wax will soften and be easily removed with an ear bud. This is one of the oldest earache home remedies.

9. Margosa (Neem)

Margosa or neem is among the oldest earache home remedies due to it antibacterial properties. Wash the ear with water in which neem leaves or neem bark has been boiled. This is very effective earache home remedy.  Use as a ear drop a decoction of neem leaves -1-2 drops -just warm, not hot.

10. Naturopathic ear oil

The combination of ayurvedic herbs in this oil provides the warmth, moisture and nourishment to the ear. You can use this oil all ear round and is especially effective during cold season. This is beneficial in preventing earaches and pains.

11. onion

As a rule, once an ear starts discharging pus nothing should be put into it. Medicine should be given orally to heal from within, e.g., antibiotics. However, in the absence of medical facilities, in case the discharge persists and becomes chronic, folk-medicine practitioners use the following remedies:

Onion is beneficial for the pus in the ear. Two or three drops of warm onion juice, put in the ear 2-3 times a day, is efficacious. 

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