15 Home Remedies for Asthma

Wheezing is a whistling respiratory sound which occurs in asthma. The patient has recurrent attacks of breathlessness, with wheezing and tightness in the chest, often accompanied by a dry cough.

There is shortness of breath -there is intake, but breathing out is a problem. The causes of asthma are many, the underlying factor being the unusual increased response to an irritant, usually an allergen.

The response is in the form of a spasm, a sustained contraction of muscles in the walls of the bronchial tree, which causes narrowing in the walls. Slowly breathing in and out becomes difficult.

If it is not treated in time, the lungs over inflate, the breathing rate and heart rate both increase, and because there is no oxygen reaching the body tissue, the skin become blue, starting with the nails, lips and peripheries. The patient is agitated and frightened.

Asthma is a reversible condition, if treated in time. While an attack is in progress and sputum collects in the lungs, initially a little bit can be coughed out, but very soon that too stops, as it is thick and tenacious, blocking the respiratory passage.

All cases of breathlessness, impending asthma and chest infections must be treated right at the onset.

Nutrition, Home Remedies and Herbs for asthma

1. Nutrition

       Eating Foods

  • Rich in antioxidants, brightly coloured foods rich in carotenoids with high vitamin A content like sweet potato, leafy greens, carrots, and berries. 
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E rich foods such as citrus fruits, cruciferous vegetable, nuts, seeds and healthy plant oils.
  • Foods rich in vitamin B like leafy greens, beans and nuts.
  • Drinking at least 1 and a half litres of water per day.
    Avoiding foods
  • The foods that causes allergic reaction should be avoided. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, too much salt and sugar from the diet. Vegan diet have shown an improvement in the condition ( so avoiding meat, fish, eggs and dairy).
  • Removing all artificial food preservatives, additives, flavourings and colourings .
  • Try to remove foods rich in salicylates.

2. Fennel

Herbal tea made with fennel is also soothing for a persistent cough with difficult expectoration. It breaks up the thick tenacious mucus.

2. Holy basil

  • Mix 10-12 fresh holy basil leaves or Holy basil tea, a half an inch piece of fresh ginger, 1-2 betel leaves, and grind them together. Have a teaspoon of this juice with honey 2-3 times a day for 3-4 days.
  •  Alternatively, boil a handful of crushed holy basil leaves or holy basil tea or powder  in half a litre of water and reduce it to one-fourth of a litre. Take a tablespoon of this decoction with a teaspoon of honey 2-3 times a day for 3-4 days.
  • Another home remedies for asthma is- Take Two-three holy basil leaves should be chewed with a little jaggery 3-4 times a day. (But always rinse your mouth with warm water or wash it down with it.)
  • Children who are prone to chest infections can have their daily glass of milk with 8-10 leaves of holy basil or a teabag of holy basil boiled in it. This acts as a preventive to ward off seasonal colds when the weather changes.

3. Linseed/flaxseed

Add a teaspoon of linseed powder to a glass of water. Boil and reduce it to one-fourth of a glass, strain mix a tablespoon of honey to make it palatable. It relieves congestion and also prevents recurrence of asthma attacks. Take for 3-4 days.

4. Sesame seeds

Take together a teaspoon each of sesame seeds and linseed. Make a decoction with a glass of water. Boil and reduce it to half. A teaspoon of this filtrate should be taken with a teaspoon of honey twice a day. These seeds have an emollient, demulcent action. They soothe the respiratory passages and clear a cough and is very good home remedies for asthma.

5. Long pepper

  • Another home remedies for asthma is to take a teaspoon each of long pepper, dried powdered ginger and cloves. Powder them together or mix all three powders. Add honey and make a paste. Lick this 4-5 times a day, or make an infusion with half a litre of water and drink half a cup 3-4 times a day.
  • Equal quantities of long pepper, black pepper and dried ginger should be mix together in equal amounts, and half a teaspoon of this taken with hot water. Honey can be added for taste. Have daily for 4-6 weeks.

6. Indian Gooseberry

Dried Indian gooseberry powder (half teaspoon) mixed with a teaspoon of honey should be taken every morning with warm water. If the fresh fruit is available, grind a small segment, say a one-fourth-inch piece, and have it with a teaspoon of honey twice a day.

Honey and Indian gooseberry are specially beneficial for all chest infections. Indian gooseberry is rich in vitamin-C, and honey liquefies the dried secretions so that they can be coughed out. It also soothes the throat. It is a very good home remedy for asthma.

7. Large dried grape / MUnakka

For chronic asthmatics: Take large dried grapes called Munakka , wash and keep them aside. Put one in your mouth, chew and swallow it. Chew slowly so that you have one of these in your mouth throughout your waking hours. This can be irritating, so have them 4-5 times a day. One will last for 20-25 minutes if chewed slowly. It acts as a lubricant and demulcent for the throat and soothes a coughing bout.

8. Cabbage

Eating cabbage is good for asthma too. Having a tablespoon of raw cabbage juice, or just eating cabbage leaves when an attack is likely to occur, either helps abort it or reduces its intensity.

9. Raw onion juice

Chronic bronchitis patients should have a teaspoon of raw onion juice every morning. It liquefies blocked, dry phlegm and helps to expectorate it.

10. ginger and fenugreek tea

An infusion of a teaspoon of grated ginger and a teaspoon of pounded fenugreek seeds in a glass of hot water should be filtered and drunk as tea twice a day. This is helpful for asthma.

11. carom seeds

When there is a blockage of phlegm in the respiratory passage, two teaspoons of lightly roasted, crushed, coarsely powdered carom in a glass of buttermilk will help clear the passage. Have this twice a day.

12. Mustard seeds

Take one-fourth of a teaspoon of powdered mustard seeds, add a teaspoon of honey and eat it once a day. Since it is very pungent it can be eaten with a bread or taken with warm water.

13. Almonds

Soak for a few hours 6-7 almonds in water. Discard the skin, grind and have almonds with half a cup of orange juice or a tablespoon of lemon juice every night.

14. Supplements

Magnesium - it can reduce symptoms like pain, anxiety and emotional stress.

Zinc - helps in stress and supports adrenal health.

B complex with extra B3, B6 and B12, its bean found low in asthma patients. It improves immune health and reduces wheezing.

15. Inhalation

Take Steam with few drops of eucalyptus oil or thyme essential oil .Inhalations are extremely beneficial for any chest/ lung condition. This is one of the best home remedies for asthma.

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