Aromatherapy Oils

Some Important Aromatherapy oils to keep at home and their properties-

Always dilute oils in the carrier oils (grapeseed, sunflower, sweet almond, sesame,soya) for massage.

The usual proportion are 15 drops of essential oil to 60ml of carrier oil for the full body massage. For a smaller area such as face use 5 drops to 30ml.

When massaging do not use oils on the eyes as this may irrtate the delicate tissues of the eyes. Do not exert strong pressure on the soft tissue of the abdomen.

Angelica- Calming, good for digestion, antiseptic, antiviral. Do not use during pregnancy. Photo-toxic, so avoid exposure to sunlight after use.

Chamomile- Relaxing, anti-inflammatory.

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Citronella- Good for aches and pains. Also good as an insect repellent. Do not use this oil during pregnancy.

Clary sage- Warming and soothing. Do not use this oil during pregnancy.

Eucalyptus- Antiseptic, decongestant, antiviral. During cold and cough massage it on the chest, back and forehead. When suffering from cold put few drops on napkin and inhale it.

Frankincence- Warming, relaxing, uplifting.

Geranium- Soothing, relaxing, antidepressant.

Jasmine- Uplifting, relaxing, good for cramp.

Lavender- Soothing, relaxing, antiseptic. Giving the massage with lavender before sleeping helps in insomnia.

Lemon- Refreshing, stimulating, antiseptic. Phototoxic, so avoid exposure to sunlight after use.

Myrrh- Warming, relaxing, anti-inflammatory. Do not use this oil during pregnancy.

Peppermint- Cooling, good for digestion, mentally stimulating. Never use undiluted or before sleeping.

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Petitgrain- Soothing, calming, antidepressant.

Rosemary- Stimulating, refreshing. Do not use this oil during pregnancy or if suffer from epilapcy.

Tea tree- Antifungal, antiseptic. It help in almost all kind of skin infections. Appling tea tree oil on the infected area helps in healing ringworms and other skin problems.

Ylang-ylang- Euphoric, aphrodisiac, relaxing. Use in moderation.

Aromatherapy Benefits

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