Techniques of Massage

Important techniques of massage to remember when Giving a Full body massage- Pressure points for full body massage.

Acupressure points are not magic buttons that can turn health problems off like a light switch.

But used regularly and with care, they can re-balance the health of your body and mind so that the problems become less frequent in occurrence and intensity.

The danger with "push-button" cures is that you will over strain your system by returning too quickly to your old ways, and the problem that prompted you to seek treatment will return.

Pain and sickness are often lifestyle problems. The techniques of massage and acupressure points here can help only as an addition to good posture, healthy eating, good sleep,relaxed mind, and positive mental habits and practices.

Techniques of massage and pressure points FOR THE TOP OF THE HEAD AND THE BACK OF THE BODY

• GV20 - Poor memory and concentration, headaches, mild depression. Clears the brain and calms the mind.

• GV16 - Colds, headaches, sore throats, nosebleeds.

• GB20 - Stiff neck, tension headaches, insomnia, hypertension. Use with GV16 to help relieve the symptoms of colds.

• B10 - Stress, tension, anxiety, insomnia. Opens the awareness, calms the mind, relaxes the body, relieves colds and flu.

• GB21- Tension and tiredness in the shoulders and neck, frozen shoulder. Relaxes the mind, reduces nervous stress,anger, irritability. Very energizing.

 . B13 - Breathing difficulties, detoxifying.

• B23, B47 - Relieve lower backache, rebalance energy in the kidneys and digestive system.

• TH4 - Soothes wrist pain.

• LI4 -  Headaches, mild depression, general pain. Anaesthetic and detoxifying.

• K3 - Water retention, swollen feet, sleeping difficulties. Protects the immune system. Very useful and safe in pregnancy, eases labour.

• B60 -  Lower back pain, joint and rheumatic pain in the lower body.

Techniques of massage and pressure points for THE FRONT OF THE BODY

• GV25 - Depression, weak immune system. Clears the mind, calms fears, relaxes the body.

• B2, GV24.5 - Eye and sinus problems, headaches, and other facial pain.

• 67 - Nosebleeds, tired and aching eyes.

• L120 - Head colds, nasal congestion.

• ST2 - Good for the complexion, relieves eye strain.

• ST3 -  Sinuses, tired, dry eyes.

• GV26 - Dizziness, fainting, cramp.

• K27 - Sore throat, coughing, hiccups, anxiety. Rebalances the kidneys.

• L1- Asthma, breathing difficulties, Stabilizes the emotions, eases confusion, clears the mind.

• CV17 - Mild depression, grief.

• CV12 - Emotional problems, stress, digestive problems.

• CV6 - Trapped wind, constipation, lower back problems. Revitalizes the body's energy flow. 

• L9 - Relieves asthma, bronchitis. Reduces fear, anger, anxiety.

• L10 -  Lung congestion, emotional upset, wrist pain.

• ST36 - Sickness, nausea. Balances the digestive system, stimulates the immune system, boosts energy.

• ST41 - Fear, nervous tension. Ankle and heel pain.

• ST43, ST44 -  Excess wind, sickness and nausea, facial pain, nosebleeds, laching , teeth and gums.

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