BEETROOT - health and nutritional benefits

Beetroot is considered as one of the best vegetable. It is a rich source of natural sugar.

It contains sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, chlorine iodine, Iron, copper, vitamin B1, B2, niacin, B6 vitamin C.

The juice of beetroot not only has easily digestible carbohydrates and also are low in calories. The  protein factors or amino acids are good in both quality and quantity.


Beetroot are of great therapeutic value. They have properties to clean the kidney and gallbladder. Being rich in alkaline elements, potassium, calcium magnesium and iron, they are useful in acidosis and also helps in the natural process of elimination.


Red beet juice is associated with human blood and blood forming qualities. Due to its high content of iron, it generates and reactivates the red blood cells, suppliers fresh oxygen to the body and helps the normal function of vesicular breathing i.e. normal breathing sound. It is therefore extremely useful in the treatment of anaemia.


Beet juice is beneficial in the treatment of jaundice, hepatitis, nausea and vomiting due to biliousness, diarrhoea and dysentery. Adding a teaspoon of lime juice in this juice increases its medicinal value and can be given as liquid food in these conditions. Fresh beat juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey taking every morning before breakfast helps the healing of gastric ulcer.


The cellulose content of beet acts as a bulk residue, increases peristalsis - wavelike movement and eases the passing of stools. The  juice of the beetroot is highly valuable in chronic constipation and haemorrhoids.

circulatory disorders

Beet juice is an excellent solvent for inorganic calcium deposits. It is also rich in Nitrates. It is therefore valuable in the treatment of hypertension, arteriosclerosis, heart troubles and varicose veins.


Beet juice in combination with the juice of carrot and cucumber is one of the best cleansing material for kidneys and gallbladder. It is highly beneficial and all disorders relating to these two organs.


Beetroot support the liver in oestrogen detox. Having beetroot and carrot smoothie can help women struggling with PMS, as carrots support progesterone production. It also helps in relieving the symptoms of Menopause by supporting the liver. During Menopause, the liver can becomes overworked as it tries to clear the body with excess hormones.

skin disorders

The water in which white beet has been boiled, when applied to boils, skin inflammation and outbreaks of pimples and pustules helps in clearing them.


The decoction of beets mixed with little vinegar can be used externally to clear scurf or dandruff from the head.

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