These are Massage-different types


This is slow,gentle relaxing kind of massage.All that may seem to be going on is someone leaning with their fingers,thumbs,or arms on another person or gently wringling their limbs.However the power of shiatsu is deep.Positive intention is very important that is how the practitioner controls the direction and strength of the energy passing through the receipient.Working on Tsubos(vital japenese pressure points) while focussing on the energy channels(meridians) of the receiver,the giver slowly releases unhealthy blockages and rebalances the flow of energy within the body.


Massaging your head, neck shoulders releases tension in the muscles of the upper body,releiving headaces,destressing your mind and body, and moving toxins out of your system.


Aromatherapy is different in a way that it has very relaxing pleasurable way of absorbing the powerful,healing oils into ours bodies.Their is an oil for almost every problem, and combining oil with the power of touch results in a therapy that is one of the most relaxing, calming and refresing way to unwind after a busy day.

Aromatherapy benefits
Aromatherapy oils


Accupressure also is a different type of massage,unlike Shiastu , which works on the meridians and pressure points, accupressure and accupuncture both use fixed points.They can be activated by firm touch,a needle(in case of accupuncture),or an electric current.The pressure points are very responsive and can relieve pain, sickness and stiffness in muscles and joints very quickly and effectively.To get the best result from accupresuure you must apply pressure for at least a minute to each point used.


Theraputic massage is more clinical then traditional systems of shiatsu and accupressure.This type of massage is for more deep muscle, joints and other problems.

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