Home Remedies for Eczema

Some very good home remedies for eczema.

But first What is Eczema?

Eczema is a non-specific term that refers to an inflammatory presentation of a certain skin disorder of known or unknown origin.

Causes and Symptoms

In eczema there is redness, localized swelling,vesicle formation,rupture of this vesicle,and subsequent moist or actual weepy, watery discharge from the lesions that leave behind raw surfaces.

There is also an intense desire to itch.The person scratches the affected area, and the condition gets worse.The symptoms are often worse and aggravated at night.

There are various theories which suggest that this disorder has a constitutional / genetic predisposition. Other studies claim that a disturbed metabolism, nutritional allergies, stress, autoimmune dysfunction, emotional upheavals, precipitate an inherent predilection to present with this very distressing picture.

This condition has two distinct presentations - a dry eczema where there are dry lesions with a tendency to itch, and wet, weepy lesions that make it difficult for a person to function normally. According to ayurveda, the accumulation of toxins in the body, and their inadequate elimination, or a blockage in their elimination, leads to eczema.


o When there is a fresh patch of dry eczema, applying freshly-made ghee (from cows's milk butter only), and washing the area well a number of times, relieves the itch.

o Another home remedies for eczema is to Dry the peel of a watermelon, the large variety that has a deep green skin and bright red pulp with black seeds. Burn the dried peel to an ash. Take a spoonful of this ash and add enough warm coconut oil to make a paste. Apply this on the eczematous patch.

o Muskmelon: This remedy can only be tried in summer when this fruit is in season - a 40-day diet of eating only sweet muskmelons should be undertaken under the supervision of a qualified and experienced ayurveda. Fresh juice taken daily is also beneficial. This can be taken as a beverage, and also used for local application.

o Use a diluted neem decoction for washing the weepy lesions twice a day, then pat them dry.

o Apply a paste made with a tablespoon of fresh, crushed Neem leaf and a teaspoon of turmeric powder. If possible, use a fresh turmeric root. Add a spoonful of sesame-seed oil. Apply once a day.This is one of the effective home remedies for eczema.

o Boil a tablespoon each of mango-tree bark and acacia-tree bark in half a liter of water. Filter and use this to wash the eczematous patches. The water should be warm enough to act as a fomenting agent, but not hot enough to burn. Pat dry and apply fresh ghee.

o A decoction made with the bark of the Peepul tree can be used to wash weepy, eczematous lesions. It has an astringent as well as an antibacterial action. It acts against staphlococcus aureus and E.coli, which are the cause of many secondary skin infections. The decoction also contains tannin, which heals ulcerated lesions.

o Take a piece of Sandalwood and rub it on a smooth stone with a few drops of water. Collect a tablespoon of the paste. Use a nutmeg to do the same, and collect a tablespoon of this liquid too. Mix the two together and apply it on the skin.

Nutmeg blocks the pain and sandalwood soothes the itching of inflamed tissue. This remedy should only be used sometimes to relieve extreme distress. Nutmeg gets absorbed and may cause toxic symptoms if the accumulated dose is too much. Use sparingly.

o A pinch of Camphor can be substituted for nutmeg. Camphor is also derived from a tree - Cinnamomum Camphora. When used topically, it has an antipruritic effect. However, this too can have a toxic effect, so it should be used sparingly.

o Lastly, for all skin troubles, make sure the patient has no constipation and eats a nutritious diet, rich in green vegetables and fruits. Avoid tea,coffee, alcohol, sugar, white-flour products and processed foods. Go off junk foods.

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