Home Remedies for Arthritis

Home remedies for Arthritis have been found to be beneficial without the side effects of conventional drug therapy. These remedies, if not actually curative, are definitely complementary.

In a healthy state, all joint movements appear very smooth, fluid and easy, and one is actually unaware of them. They are taken for granted.

Causes and Symptoms

Joints are exposed to innumerable stresses in day-to-day life. These stresses expose them to stretches, strains, actual injury, or indirect injuries by infection due to various microbes.

Metabolic disorders may deposit chemical crystals at the joint site, or immune system dysfunction may cause localized tissue lesions due to antigen, antibody reactions. This is not the end of the list.

Degenerative changes in the body due to ageing, etc., take their own toll, e.g., osteo-arthritis. Cancerous growths at the site or nearby are another cause of dysfunction and disability. Dysfunction and disability are not due to a specific cause or disease entity.

One specific cause may co-exist with another non-specific one, actually related to some other organ dysfunction. Disease, dysfunction or disability of any of the areas mentioned above will cause pain, and maybe also swelling, disfigurement and loss of mobility.

Home Remedies for Arthrities

The areas,where the water is high in fluorides and one often comes across people who have been working / posted there complaining of joint pain. In this area, there is an abundant growth of the fenugreek plant, which is used extensively in culinary preparations.

Its leaves are used to make a variety of dishes. Its seeds are not only used as a condiment, as elsewhere in India, but are also prepared as a main dish. A cupful of seeds are soaked overnight, the water drained out next day, and the seeds re-soaked in fresh water for a couple of hours.

Then the water is changed a second time, and after a few hours, this too is drained out. These seeds now are soft and tender, and are cooked as a dry vegetable or a curried pulse preparation. It is made at least 3-4 times a month. Apparently it prevents joint pain.

The local population hardly ever complain of the type of joint pain the outsiders have.They do not have joint pains/ deformity problems like those who come here to work for 2-3 years, and who do not have the same dietary habits as them. It seems that fenugreek seeds have some sort of substance that prevents fluoride salt deposits in the joint spaces.

o Drinking beetroot juice or eating a cupful of diced beetroot, whether raw or parboiled, is extremely good home remedies for arthritis. The leaves of beetroot are also beneficial. These can be cooked with diced onions. Apparently, beetroots are supposed to have immunity-enhancing properties and are particularly beneficial for arthritis of an immune-disorder etiology.

Beetroots are rich in potassium and have an alkalizing effect. This alkalinity is helpful in dissolving various types of salt deposits on the articular surfaces of the joints, as occurs in arthritis. Those having beetroot may have pink-or red-colored urine. This is because of the red pigment, fresh beta-cyanin, that some people do not metabolize well. However, this is no cause for worry.

o Pineapple juice, a cupful taken every day (200 ml), reduces swelling and inflammation around the joints, which occurs in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The active ingredient is a substance called bromelain that has significant anti-inflammatory action.

o Apple-cider vinegar - vinegar made from apples: A tablespoon taken with a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water first thing in the morning is beneficial. Those who are not overweight can take more honey - a tablespoon or so.

Apple-cider vinegar has a substance called mallic acid that helps remove inorganic salt deposits on articular surfaces - especially useful for non- specific arthritis.

o Celery is another leafy vegetable and is a good home remedies for arthritis.Its used for salads or soup seasoning which has high amounts of sodium, which helps keep the balance of lime (calcium salt) and magnesium in solution, not letting it deposit on joint surfaces. The stalk and leaves can both be used to make fresh juice.

By itself, this juice is not very palatable, so an equal amount of carrot juice can be added. A cupful of this mixture, taken morning and evening, prepared fresh and had immediately, will break down disease-producing unhealthy calcium deposits on the articular surfaces of joints. Cucumber juice can be substituted for celery juice once in a while.

o Asparagus is good for those with arthritis, but definitely contraindicated for sufferers of gout. However, cherries are extremely good for relieving pain caused by gout.

o The warm pulp of the aloe leaf soothes joint pains. It has an awful smell, hence some people prefer less smelly remedies!

o Body massage with warm neem oil 2-3 times a week is another home remedy for arthritis and rheumatoid pains. Massage is also very good remedy for arthritis.

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