12 Weeks Rejuvenate Programme 

If you suffer from any chronic or long-term illness it is recommended to participate in this programme. for your body to rejuvenate, you need an in-depth guidance, support, encouragement and regular contact. 

It takes years to develop any illness same way its takes time to bring our body back in homeostasis (balance) state. Our body requires slow and steady change to be made constantly over a period. Research shows that if we introduce one new habit at a time, it is easier to adapt and stick to it instead of changing all at once.

This package is ideal to start healing process and to discover the potential root cause.

This is applicable in all the conditions related to hormone imbalance, digestive health issues, skin conditions, heart condition, joint problems, diabetes type II, fertility issues and stress issues.

What's included in Rejuvenate Programme

60 Minutes Private Consultation

Personalized Programme

4-20 Minutes Consultation


One 60 minutes Private Consultation

  • One -initial 60 minutes consultation over skype or Zoom, includes a detailed discussion about two symptoms that you would like to work on, analysis of all the symptoms you are experiencing system wise, medication, family history, lifestyle, your likes and dislikes around food.
  • A detailed analysis of your food diary.

Personalized Programme

After the in-depth review and understanding the root cause of the problem, we send you personalized programme according to your condition and symptoms on - 


You will get an in-depth plan on what to include in your diet and what are the things you have to remove, that are aggravating your symptoms and the alternatives.


A plan on supplements to include to expediate your recovery.


A plan to include in your lifestyle - on meditation, exercise, aromatherapy, hobbies, relaxation, Bach flowers, Ayurveda.


Delicious, approved recipes of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks tailored according to your symptoms for your 12-week programme.

Shopping Guide

Each week get a shopping guide to help you get organised and stay on track with the programme.

Meal Plans

Get meal plans for each of the 12 weeks of the programme to keep you motivated.

  • 10% Discount on Nutritional Supplements
  • Access to Functional laboratory testing when required with 5% discount

4 -20 Minutes Consultation 

  • 4 -20 Minutes Consultation over zoom in 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th week - to find out how you are getting on, what are the challenges you are facing and how to overcome that.


  • Continued E-mail Support
  • Where we review and keep track on how you feel

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