Natural Home Remedies For Dysentry

Dysentry is a disorder of large intestine is caused by pathogenic organisms.

Causes and Symptoms- In dysentry there is not much diarrohea mostly mucuous and blood with the ulceration in large intestine, accounts for this constant irritability of the colon.The urge to pass stools is preceded by pain and tenesmus the slight amount of stools and slough of ulcers pass mucous and blood.

Natural Home Remedies-

1)At the start of the problem if a herbal decoction is made with two tablespoon of dried corriander seed and can be taken with plain water or buttermilk, the intestineal lining is soothed and the quantity of mucuous in the stool decreases.

2)Fresh lemon juice,have the juice of two lemon added to a glass of water with rock salt and sugar to taste 3 to 4 times a day.

3)Take a tablesppon of dried orange peel`crushed and ground to powder.Add a tablespoon of large black raisin seeds.The fruit part of raisin has a laxativein nature whereas ths seeds are not.Powdered the seeds and add it to the crushed powdered dried orange peel. Take a tablespoon of it 2 times a day.

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